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Al Columbia

I first interviewed Al Columbia nearly 4 years ago. Since that time, he has released Pim and Francie: The Golden Bear Days. A collection of work that probably consists of more printed work than all his previous work put together. … Continue reading

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Al Columbia

This weeks guest is Al Columbia. Al is the mastermind behind Biologic Show, Doghead, Orange Sunshine, Pim and Francie and much much more. I am a huge fan of his work, and look forward to the collection of work he … Continue reading

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Inkstuds Personal Best of Lists

I never really do best of lists, so please don’t consider it a best of list. I did this for the Daily Cross Hatch. The work on the list is more like a list of stuff I like and I … Continue reading

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10 Years Running

When I first started doing the Inkstuds 10 years ago. I had a whole other concept in mind. Inkstuds happened because it was the right time and right place. My friend Robin Fisher was moving to Montreal after hosting the Onomatopoeia show … Continue reading

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Inkstuds Go To LA – Part 2 – Naps

As mentioned in the previous report, the first 2 days of driving left us pretty exhausted. I dont have any photo’s from the first morning in San Francisco, since Brandon and I just ended up napping instead of getting more … Continue reading

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Horror Hangover Art Show – A Report

At the end of the Summer, I was asked by Chris Bentzen, if I wanted to do an art show at his new gallery space, Hot Art Wet City. It had been almost 5 years since I had last done … Continue reading

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A Horror Hangover

I am getting pretty excited about this art show I am putting together. The list above isn’t complete, as there are likely some more folks that are still working out some details. It’s a great crowd of really diverse talents. … Continue reading

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Portland in the Spring – Launching a King City

This past weekend, me, Brandon, Daniel and Noel traveled down to Portland for a multitude of purposes. Brandon had gotten us gas paid for by Floating Worlds Comics, as he was to be doing his first King City book launch. … Continue reading

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Inkstuds Reading Pile January 27th

I am a little behind in my reading stack right now. Life has been busy in the inkstuds house. I have been getting some great work in the mail and will be following up with those. My favorite recent arrival … Continue reading

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An Inkstud on Tour Part 3: In Which Our Author is overwhelmed and Verklempt

Day 8 – By the end of this day, I will have met most of my artistic heroes. The day started out with a lot of standing and waiting. Sparkplug tabler, Virginia Paine was also staying with Shannon, and i … Continue reading

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