Andrei Molotiu

The Abstract Comics collection edited by Andrei Molotiu is probably one of the more interesting and ambitious anthologies that I have seen in quite sometime. The concept is pretty simple, but at the same time it isn’t. Andrei has scoured high and low for abstract comics and created a fine book that seems to straddle the line between another comics anthology, to really inserting into a more art book type of area. The book deserves a lot more of a dialog than i am able to  provide here, but hopefully our conversation captures some of the  idea’s  that come up.  Be sure to check out the Abstract Comics blog, which has been really continuing and expanding on the idea.

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  2. Uland says:

    Awesome. Hilarious. I was laughing from “What do you mean by that”, on.

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  4. villainer says:

    haha, I like how the “dean of abstract comics” is exactly how you think he would be: european, articulate, and listening to avant garde sound collage.

  5. Rosemarie Danziger says:

    Dear Professor Molotiu,

    I thank you for your article on Focilion, It was of a great use to me in writing a paper on the apotropaic images at Anzy-le Duc.

    I am a graduate student at Tel-Aviv University, and as a former active musician I am a total formalist, That, in total opposition to the spirit of our department, which goes for history, iconography and iconology.

    I am looking for some advice regarding the phenomenology of the form, something that I feel people shy away from. Focilon, in our quarters, is a ‘notorious formalist’. I happen to admire him especially as a medievalist.

    I have a strong feeling that you might be someone who can relate to my formalist-phenomenologist propensities and I will be ever so grateful to you if we can have some sort of a dialogue in this direction.

    With the hope to hear from you,

    All the best,

    Rosemarie Danziger

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