April Daily Challenge Day 11

This one is being posted a little late, I was unable to get to a computer last night, but I did get a comic read. I finally sat down with Aya of Yop City. I had been sitting on this for a while. I wasn’t very impressed with the first book. I found it to be a little too precious. The second book of the ongoing Aya series was better. It gives a neat view into small town life in Ivory Coast Africa. The stories of the characters are whimsical and fun. I should also state that the cartooning really is top notch. I think the thing that bugs me about this series, is that it really isn’t pushing any new ideas or techniques. It is just a happy go lucky story, and that is fine if that’s what you are looking for. Personally, I am a little dumbfounded by just how Drawn and Quarterly gets so excited by this series. I am curious what other people think of the Aya books.

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  1. phil says:

    I found these two books very charming. Not over the top great stories but, like Sfar’s work (who i think helped them or is a friend with them and whose style this is clearly inspired by), it has just enough gritty humanity to make it compelling. I liked the art as well- it did a great job capturing the personalities and the place.

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