April Daily Challenge Day 13

Before I jump into today’s review, I thought I should mention a change that will be coming to the inkstuds site very soon. A very very nice man, Charles Bottomley, has been transcribing some interviews. After they are touched up and what not, i will have post them for you all to read and enjoy. I realize that not everyone wants to listen to my nasal voice, so this will be a great chance to get some interesting info. I think the first one to be posted will either be Spain or Barron Storey.

Today, I caught up with my radio reading. Tomorrow, I am going to do an interview with Mike Dawson, so I read his new book for Adhouse, Ace-Face and his web comic which directly connects to Ace-Face, Jack and Max Escape from the End of Time. I really enjoyed his book, Freddie and Me, even though I have particularly strong dislike for Queen. Ace-Face is Mike’s odd take on superheroes. It was neat, because he doesn’t fall into the normal traps of alternative artists doing superhero comics. He doesn’t make fun of his characters, instead he has fun with them. Ace-Face is born with no arms and his mad scientist uncle, gives him huge robot arms. Luckily, Ace-Face eventually grows into the arms and isn’t stuck looking too much like Popeye. Mike’s characters are pleasant almost mundane people who get thrust into unreal situations. He really plays with the story telling though and just visits certain parts of the character’s lives, leaving alot to the imagination, and I suppose room for more follow up strips.

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