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2 years ago, Colin and I voyaged to the south side of Vancouver, near the Fraser River, on a hunt for the Raincoast books office. We were about to do our first interview ever for the newly thought up, Inkstuds Radio Show. After several terrible names that went around, we decided on Inkstuds. I am really happy with the name and I think its source, being from a comic by Dan Clowes, reflects what we are doing with show.

Luckily we started out the show on a pretty high note, interviewing Seth. I feel bad for Seth, because he had to endure an hour of me going “ummm” and “aaa”. Not my best moment on the radio. Since then, I have felt pretty fortunate to interview some of my all time favorite cartoonists. Peter Bagge, Bob Fingerman, Neal Adams(ok, so he doesn’t really fit in with the rest, but hey, I still have a fondness for the old Green Lantern/Green Arrow run–Dennis O’neil, if you are reading this by some chance, I really want to interview you), Mary Fleener are all people that I had and still do have a passion love for their prospective works. That is just a sampling of the first six months.

Before the Inkstuds started, my good friend, Robin Fisher was doing the Onomatopoeia show for probably seven years, my mind is hazy, but I know she did along time. After Fisher moved away to Montreal, I managed to slip into the same time slot. I did a couple of guest spots on Fisher’s show, and the radio bug bit me, and I wanted to bite back(ok, I know that sounds cheezy, but who cares).

It’s been 2 years that I have been doing Inkstuds, with the help of some stellar Vancouver talents, including Donald King, Robin Bougie, Robin Konstabaris and last but not least, my favourite t-bagger, Colin Upton. We have interviewed some of the biggest and brightest names in alternative comix, and show no signs of letting up. So until people stop giving me interviews, you can expect the Inkstuds to keep pumping out some hopefully quality radio. There are still a bunch of people that I want to interview, and as long as they are still on my list, you can be sure that we will still be polluting the airwaves (just so you know, I am reffering to Clowes, Spiegelman and Moore, who all happen to be on this weeks Simpsons).

As a way of celebrating the milestone of 2 years of not knowing when to shut up, the Inkstuds are proud to be putting on an artshow. Some of Vancouver’s brightest cartooning talents are providing work to be seen and enjoyed, at the lovely Jem Gallery.

Many thanks to Joseph Bergin III for providing us with a lovely advertisement.



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