Best of 2011 With the Critics – Timothy Hodler, Matt Seneca and Joe McCulloch

It’s time for yearly round ups. I am trying to do two best of’s each year, the first with some Critics and second with Cartoonists. On the Critics portion, I was joined by Timothy Hodler, Matt Seneca and Joe McCulloch for a spellbinding 2 hours of talk.

Here is the list of what we discuss.

Thickness 1 and 2 Edited by Ryan Sands and Michael Deforge
Chimo – David Collier
The Heavy Handby Chris Cilla
Color Engineering by Yuichi Yokoyama
Congress of Animals by Jim Woodring
Kramers Ergot 8 edited by Sammy Harkham
2001 by Blaise Larmee
Big Questions by Anders Nilsen
Paying For It by Chester Brown
Prison Pit # 3 by Johnny Ryan

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10 Responses to Best of 2011 With the Critics – Timothy Hodler, Matt Seneca and Joe McCulloch

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  2. anonymous says:

    Aside from Blaise Larmee all of the people on this list identify as male. Growing up in the 90’s as a genderqueer comics fan gave me little opportunity to seek out comics that spoke directly to my experiences. Now on the Internet in my mid-20’s I discover these divisions have not disappeared!!

    • Inkstuds says:

      I understand your concerns and totally hear that. if you listened to the interview, you would hear some interesting discussion on the issues of sexuality and gender during our discussion of the Thickness anthology. As well, this list doesn’t canonize certain creators being better than others or work better than others, instead, is a selection of what we wanted to discuss for better or worse.

  3. Saman says:

    Hey, just want to say I thought this was one of your best episodes! All these dudes seem to have endless enthusiasm for and knowledge of comics. Smart, informed, passionate talk. I enjoyed the whole thing (although I disagree with a few of the opinions – Congress of the Animals, while still very good, seemed so much more conventional and less interesting than Weathercraft or some of the earlier Frank stories, in terms of both narrative and art).

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  6. Paul says:

    As somebody who grew up in the ’70s an anarcho-syndicalist astronaut with Type II diabetes, I think you should be completely ashamed of not representing my personal experiences vis-a-vis your subjective opinions about the year’s best comics. I will never again visit your webzone.

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  8. AGIAIG says:

    I think the segue between the discussion of Blaise Larmee and grandfather Yuichi Yokoyama should have used the Greatest Gradient Wipe Transition in the Universe followed by a jarring collapse of several structural tunnels across the largest metropoli of modern design landscape grid-screen brain farms. And it could be said that BL is the prison ward within a Yokoyama neu-horror pastoral // … is Dark City more dated than 2001: A Space Odyssey?

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