Blaise Larmee


Blaise Larmee joined me to talk about some of the new work he has been involved with from 2d Cloud. Most recently, Blaise edited the Mirror Mirror anthology which is part of 2d Cloud’s current Kickstarter efforts. It’s a fantastic anthology/art book, exploring the more conceptual end of comics right now.

UPDATE Jan 2018 – Since posting this interview nearly 2 years ago, 2d Cloud has severed ties with Blaise and pulped his collection, 3 books in response to allegations in regards to actions by Blaise.

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11 Responses to Blaise Larmee

  1. Paul says:

    This guy comes off like a real asshole.

  2. Blong D Lumpkins says:

    summary of this episode:
    robin asks a straightforwards question:

    blaise :CLICKITY KLAK! SNAP! SMACK! CLICK! click

    25 seconds of silence….
    um um………

    is there a way I can like donate against the kickstarter? I want to subtract from their money to somehow prevent any more of these limp, vague, minimal, art school jumble mouth, soft pencil on white paper comics.

  3. Anonymous says:

    O new cartoon God generation, Thank you for the white space you have bestowed upon us

  4. Finbar says:

    Something about the way Blaise has suuuuch a hard time articulating any of the thoughts behind his works, or his thoughts on his collaborators, or even what about the totally “perfect” title makes it so perfect, leads me to believe his body of work is probably superficial or predominantly aesthetically driven to convey a perception of meaning and creativity without actually saying or meaning anything. I don’t know, people have off moments and sometimes don’t come across the way they are but his inability to even finish sentences about his own work really comes across poorly and makes me feel like it’s not terribly crucial work. But I mean I guess it’s fine if the art is good enough to justify this level of ambivalence, but I don’t really know if I care to find out after this.

  5. leslie says:

    a painter applying his shopworn ideas to a medium where readers lack any awareness of artistic trends

  6. Sami says:

    Blaise is awesome – fuck all you haters ✌️

  7. Kamobeach/twinhat says:

    This interview forever changed me, thank you. I’ve listened to it about 4 times— each time containing a completely different experience. It’s basically a window into a very specific hell—I’m not really into politics after listening to this podcast—I now just live in an “alternative art hell” that permeates to every aspect of my existence, no way to differentiate the moral divide between what are “good progressive comics” and what are “bad conservative comics”. Maybe the main problem is that in superhero comics the authors are barely visible at all (completely engulfed in content) while alt comics are basically kayne fans who want to be celebrities but fail to realize that comics doesn’t provide a framework to achieve that status. which is the lower ring of hell? thanks blaise larmee

  8. el sike says:

    You dont get it at all … Blaise is actually making conceptual art with this interview … because his silences makes “mirror mirror” with the blanks on his pages, super coherent dude, mueheheheh.

  9. Nat Cook says:

    What’s the music at the start of the episode?

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