Blake Bell on Bill Everett

Canadian Comics historian, Blake Bell, popped by the Inkstuds cyber studio to discuss his biography of cartoonist, Bill Everett. We also the archiving work that he and Fantagraphics have been doing, in regards to the legacies of Steve Ditko and Everett.

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3 Responses to Blake Bell on Bill Everett

  1. Costa K says:

    A Bill Everett bio? OH SNAP! I know what I’m asking for on my birthday!

  2. Adrian Hill says:

    Listening to this interview reminded me of a drawing, “The Sub-Mariner Battles the Human Torch” signed by Bill Everett. Exquisite inks. I don’t know where I saw this as a kid, but I recall spending a lot of time looking at that cross-hatching with wonder:

    Thanks for the history lesson!


  3. Blake Bell says:

    Hi Adrian. That’s the first imag I remember seeing of Everett’s and I was dazzled! It’s originally from Steranko’s 1970 History of Comics books (Everett did it exclusively for Steranko) but I think I first saw it when I was about 12 in the Upper Canada College library, either in Crawford’s Encyclopedia of Comics or a Ron Goulart history book.

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