Brandon Graham, James Stokoe,Marley Zarcone and Lars Brown

Brandon Graham, James Stokoe, Marley Zarcone and Lars Brown joined me in the studio today to discuss their latest books. All three of these boys will be apearing this weekend at Vancouver’s very own Comix and Stoies festival.

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  2. gnarlybog says:

    woah. what a guest list! its like interviewing the justice league.

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  4. Douglas E. Sherwood says:

    What a group of goofy chumps.

  5. About time someone put out that WONTON SOUP NUMMERO 2! …GRUMBLE…

  6. Adam says:

    Where did the audio file for this go? It doesn’t work anymore and I would really like to listen to this. Any help?

  7. inkstuds says:


  8. matthew says:

    will any of these stokoe books mentioned ever see the light of day?

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