Chris Cilla

Chris Cilla‘s new book, The Heavy Hand is a great surreal trip. Chris has been doing work in various anthologies including Kramers Ergot, Paper Rodeo and more.

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  1. Robin, I think you’re thinking of the Ape Caves on Mt. St. Helens. They’re lava tubes.

  2. vollsticks says:

    I was cooking my dinner in the kitchen when I heard some familiar squawking and skronking and hadda walk through to confirm what I was hearing…did you or Mr.Cilla choose this masterpiece from Beefheart’s best album? Well, whoever it was I applaud their taste! Good interview, too.

  3. C.Cilla says:

    Lick My Decals Off Baby is number one! If you’re interested in some other musical selections by yours truly, check out this mix disk I compiled for a friend’s blog:

  4. Richie says:

    Thanks for the great music Chris Cilla! Love Tewelde Redda.

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