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This week on the old Inkstuds podcast, I am supplying of interviews conducted by myself at the recent Comix and Stories convention in Vancouver.

My first interview was with Ken Boesem, than man behind Barking Raven Press and creator of the Village comic strip in Vancouver’s LGBTQ newspaper, Extrawest.

Steve Lecouilliard is a local animator turned cartoonist. His new mini-comic is called Much the Miller’s Son. His art is so nice and lively, I am happy he is doing some comix, because I am getting annoyed at all these great cartoonists being sucked into animation.

Stephanie Blakey is one of my fav young cartoonists right now. She does some fun stuff that you should all be checking out.

Carrie Mckay is young lady who is very fresh and new to minicomix and frightening me with her rise in quality in such a quick time.

I have written before, about my admiration and respect for Phil Barrett’s work. If you haven’t check it out yet, there is something wrong with you.

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