Dennis P. Eichhorn


This week, we were joined by Dennis P. Eichhorn, author of alternative comic staple Real Stuff. Dennis’s work is awesome, and extremely influential in the world of autobio comix. And the man has more great tales than you can imagine. His work is unfortunatley out of print, but Dennis still has some copies of his collection, and you can contact him at dennispeichhorn I highly recommend to check his stuff out if you haven’t. Name a comic artist that you like, and chances are, 9 times out 10 they are in the Real Stuff collection, and if they aren’t, then there is something wrong with them. You can get the collection of his Wild Man Fischer stories from topshelf.

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  1. Roger Slade says:

    I realize that this was broadcast a long time ago but, what the heck, its timeless. Fittingly, on April Fools’ Day, Denny’s widow (Jane) and I listened intently while fulfilling a promise I made to Denny (and others) that I wouldn’t ingest mushrooms again until I am 70. Well I’m 70. Denny was my best friend. We lived many of his stories together. I just wanted to thank you. I miss him. We dueled at the chess board for forty years. Every time I’d stop by to play, Denny would go out ahead of time and acquire the most sugar-intensive pastries he could find knowing I would consume them. When Jane asked him why, he answered ,” Cuz it throws off his game!” I loaded him into his car to go to the hospital for the last time. His last words to me, “You’ve got to see that Bobby Fischer movie.” I did.

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