Eddie Campbell

It’s been a while since Eddie Campbell had been in on, and I love any chance I can have to talk to him about comics. Eddie’s latest work is The Lovely Horrible Stuff co-published by Topshelf and Knockabout. We also talk about some upcoming work, including the From Hell Companion.

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  1. Phil Judd says:

    Great interveiw…I live near Eddie Cambpell but have never really been in touch with his work. Though alot of cartoonists, I know and work with around Brisbane, respect his writing and art. Love the opening music too…who was that..Fit the topic well…great listen and veru informative not to mention inspiring…

  2. Andrew mcIntosh says:

    “…comics-people are funny. I’m following this argument that Dave Sim’s having over there at The Comics Journal, there’s this kind of completist attitude in the comics community. Everybody always wants to start from the beginning. If they can’t get issue one, they’re not interested. “

    It’s Eddie’s insular attitude I’ve been waiting to see die for decades—the idea that you have to be a die-hard completist collector nerd to want to start a story at the beginning. Would you start a novel—or novel series—in the middle? It’s a problem they don’t have in Europe or Japan (where comics enjoy embarrassingly higher sales)—if you want to start at the beginning of a story, you walk into a store and buy Volume One. And here’s Eddie looking down his nose at people for having an attitude that is a metter of course in every other medium, and in comics in every non-Anglo country where comics matter.

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