Sean Esty and Joseph Bergin III


Joe and Sean are a couple of talented kids destined for greatness. I have been a fan of their prospective works for quite sometime, and you should be as well. Sean does the fantastic Marooned web comic, and Joe has an incredible amount of goodness to check out as well as some awesome books coming out. Sean will also be a part of Warren Ellis’s upcoming web comic project, so be sure to check him out, so you can say you saw his stuff way back when.

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4 Responses to Sean Esty and Joseph Bergin III

  1. Demophon says:

    This podcast doesn’t load & the links are dead. How mysterious!

    I’m inventing all kinds of reasons for this. Perhaps the two artists were kidnapped & imposters conducted the interview in their place.

    Or maybe there was a feud of some kind; perhaps even an ill fated love triangle between the artists & the show that ended in their hearts being broken, & their content being banished forever. Curious indeed…

  2. Sid Clark says:

    for those who are interested, here is the info on the cool German techno tune at beginning of the show.

    It’s by the group Bodenständig 2000, the track name is RNAY, and the album is Maxi German Rave Hits 3.

    Here’s the YouTube video for it:

  3. Sid Clark says:

    Oops, the full title of the album is “Maxi German Rave Blast Hits 3”, I omitted the “Blast” above.

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