Euro Comics Talk Avec Kim Thompson and Bart Beaty

Smart comics folks, Dr Bart Beaty and Kim Thompson joined me to discuss European comics scene. It’s a pretty broad subject, but we are able to cover a lot of different points of interest. The amount of amazing comics out of Europe is really more than I can comprehend. Perhaps this will help navigate the abundance.

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7 Responses to Euro Comics Talk Avec Kim Thompson and Bart Beaty

  1. Sarah Velez says:

    Really interesting. Are you going to put up a list of some of the names mentioned in this one?

  2. Sarah Velez says:

    Much appreciated. I couldn’t figure out the spelling of some of the names I was interested in to find them on google. For instance that performance art comic book duo–I just ended up getting a lot of pictures of wine.

  3. Danny Mac says:

    Where is that image from? It looks like it influenced Tekkon Kinkreet characters.

  4. fil says:

    Florent Ruppert and Jerome Mulot

  5. Hi Robin
    I just finished listening to this interesting show, and I really enjoyed a lot!!! I love European comics, especially the classics: Uderzo & Goscinny, Pratt, Hergé, etc…
    Thank you for continuously remind us that Comics is more than super heroes. 🙂
    Best regards.

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