K. Thor Jensen

This week I was joined by K. Thor Jensen, author and artist of Red Eye, Black Eye, the latest book to come out by alternative comix. Its a great book about his journey across America by greyhound, I highly recomend it as one of the best books to come out so far this year. You can read a preview, here. We had a little technical difficulty for the first 15 minutes, but after that, Thor rocked the mic.

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  1. Sid Clark says:

    Interesting show. I’d like to read this comic. It’s available used for a penny (+ S&H) at Amazon.

    I spent almost a year traveling the US in ’09-’10 in a Greyhound, with some mileage in an Amtrak and Via Rail , and stayed in 66 motels. I was 57. I wished I’d done a lot more traveling earlier in life. I’ve written up the basic narrative of the experience and had posted it on my blog, BostonBakedFarts, but have since deleted it.

    Two of the most interesting experiences riding was 1) having a young guy speeding his brains out as a seatmate and who kept drinking vodka continually and 2) riding the Canadian Via Rail from Toronto to Montreal with a mentality non-cogent alcoholic derelict for a seatmate and a demented, manhandling stripper sitting across the aisle.

    Lafayette, LA, was the scariest place that I stayed in, by far. Ironically, I’m totally into Cajun music now and Lafayette is the capital of Cajun culture.

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