Frederik Peeters

Aama HighRes

Swiss cartoonist, Frederik Peeters joined me to talk about his work, including new book, Aama, the first in a series. There is a fair amount of wide ranging work of Peeters available in English. The story of his the beginnings of his relationship with his ladyfriend, Blue Pills has gotten a lot of acclaim on this side of the ocean, but his work is diverse, it’s only one side of what he has out there. His other work available in English, includes solo work Pachyderme, collaborative works, Sandcastle and Koma. I am a big fan of his work and happy to have had a chance to discuss it with him.


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  1. osoha says:

    Frederik Peeters is so cool. He taught me a trick with Pentel Pocket Brush when he was signing here in Prague.
    I spread that knowlege ever since.

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