George Metzger part 2


George Metzger continues chatting with us about his comix and experience in the underground comic scene. Patrick Rosenkranz covers George’s work in some detail in his book Rebel Visions.

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3 Responses to George Metzger part 2

  1. I was George’s next-door neighbor for a few years, in San Jose. I recall George’s fabulous Moondog publications, of which there were far too few. I also recall some great parties at his place. If there is a way that I can contact George, I’d appreciate the help.

    Geronimo Tagatac
    Salem, Oregon

  2. Judith says:

    I, too, was good friends w/George in San Jose and keep wondering where he landed after that. i know in Vancouver, but we’ve never connected. I’m now in SE Washington

  3. Penny Youngreen says:

    I knew George back in San Jose, early 60’s… great parties, but then, who can remember those years… really. Last time I saw George was very briefly at a party in the Slocan Valley, British Columbia (where i ran to with my husband in 1970 and we still reside). I think the party was at Tel Schriber’s but I can’t be certain.
    George did some pottery way back when and I still have one of his strange pots he gave me when I needed a present for my mom when coming home very late from one of ‘those’ parties.

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