George O’Connor

Ball Peen Hammer illustrator, George O’Connor and I discussed his latest book and as well as his work in children’s books and his future in the world of the Olympians.

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  1. Sid Clark says:

    this mp3 audio podcast file is nil, i.e., zip, zero, zilch – empty, not present, absent, gone, never there.

  2. Sid Clark says:

    I read “Journey Into Mohawk Country” fairly soon after it came out and it gave me indigestion. I was probably over-defensive at the time about his treatment of the Iroquois because I had lately been born-again, so to speak, as an anarcho-primitivist. But listening to him in this interview I see I was right in sensing that O’Connor viewed the Iroquois as quaint but creepy and that he was much more sympathetic to the European mentality as evinced by the little Dutch mook of a main character.

    O’Connor also makes the ridiculous assertion that the little Dutch mook was instrumental in making NYC the great metropolis it is today. That’s rubbish. Any fool who knows anything about geography and shipping can see what an outstanding harbor and river system the NYC location was, rendering any particular human’s actions totally incidental.

    Me, I think the city-loving city dwellers are the creepy ones.

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