Inkstuds at the Jem continues


Hey Folks – The Opening last night was resounding success. The gallery was packed from the moment we opened the door until the booze all drunk and all we had was a couple of bottles of Malibu Rum. I will post some photos later.

I just want to make sure that everyone knows, that on Saturday, January 26th from 1pm-5pm, we will also be hosting a small press expo of sorts, at The Jem Gallery – 225 East Broadway. This will give people that weren’t able to make it to the opening, a chance to meet some of the artists, buy some comix and have some fun.

If you don’t live in Vancouver, but are interested in buying some of the art, I am going to try and put something together for people to be able to purchase stuff. It is a pretty incredible selection of art.

The cartoonists involved in the show, have really done there best and pulled together an incredible show. I feel pretty lucky to be a part of it.

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