Inkstuds Daily Challenge Day 14

I  had already read Lauren Weinstein’s diary comic and really enjoyed  it, but was told that the rest of work was completely different. And it is. It’s great. I got Inside Vineyland of off Last Gasp for dirt cheap. the book is a bit of a mixed bag of different noodly stories that all seem to have some kind of common thread. Lauren seems to have a great take on a kind of odd surreal obsurd lonelyness. The main story in the book, is about a teenage robot. You want to take pitty on this poor little guy that Lauren sticks into these awful comprimising positions that look like he is having some kind of sexual encounter with daily household appliances.  The work is a playful mix throughout that doesn’t dumb down just because it’s a one page gag. It is interesting to see how she is adapting to different subject matter, and avoiding one standard genre, but still using the same great art style. As a side note, her poster that came with  Ganzfeld 7 was one of the more impressive parts of an otherwise dissapointing package.

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