Inkstuds Mixtape Vol 13 Jason Turner


Jason Turner went full on and did a 24 hour comic based on his mixtape(it actually ended up taking 103 hours). I don’t know if anyone will meet his level of commitment, but it is a fine mix to listen to. Jason is one of Vancouver’s finest talents. His True Loves comics have been one of those rare examples of a comic set in my home town.

the style council – shout to the top
pukka orchestra – cherry beach express
the barmitzvah brothers – car #7
paul williams – bugsy malone – so ya wanna be a boxer?
boys brigade – passion of love
the choir practice – red fox
bob seger & the silver bullet band – hollywood nights
men without hats – where do the boys go?
dan deacon – snake mistakes
crystal stilts – shattered shine
butthole surfers – human cannonball
m. ward – helicopter
june panic – don’t knock it (til you’ve tried it)
roger miller – dang me
danielson – did i step on your trumpet
suburban kids with biblical names – seems to be on my mind
i’m from barcelona – mingus
nick cave & the bad seeds – brother my cup is empty
pete townshend – face the face
laibach – jesus christ superstar








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3 Responses to Inkstuds Mixtape Vol 13 Jason Turner

  1. Fuckin sweetl! (comic, didn’t listen to the mix yet.)

  2. Mike Myhre says:

    Awesome level of commitment! I loves me some Jason Turner comics!

  3. Steve Lafler says:

    Lovely gorgeous comic. Inspired.
    Glad to see some Buttholes in the mix!

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