Inkstuds Mixtape Vol 17 Liz Prince

Time for return to the Mixtapes. Many thanks to Liz Prince for making the mix that Rocks! I love Liz’s comics. They make me very happy.

Here is what Liz has to say about her mix:

While contemplating what I should put on my inkstuds mixtape, I found myself looking through the mixtapes I have gotten over the years. Man, there were some great songs on those mixtapes; I thought, why not make a playlist of my favourite songs from mixtapes that have been given to me?  So, without further adieu, I give you my best of mixtapes mixtape.

01: Grey Area – Reminder
02: The Riverdales – You Know You Do
03: The Copyrights – She Turns it Up
04: Fifteen – The End of Summer
05: The Bouncing Souls – Gone
06: Ben Weasel and His Iron String Quartet – Got My Number
07: Chinese Telephones – Back To You Again
08: The Stereo – 300
09: Dillinger Four – One Trick Pony
10: The Ergs – Million Perfect Dub
11: The National – Slow Show
12: Torche – Vampyro
13: Lifetime –  Somewhere in the Swamps of Jersey
14: Lemuria – Length Away
15: King Khan & BBQ – Waddlin’ Around
16: Dead To Me – Special Professional
17: The Marked Men – Wait Here, Wait For You
18: The Methadones – Bored of Television
19: Dear Landlord – High Fives
20: The Queers – Definitely
21: Kevin Devine – Just Stay

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3 Responses to Inkstuds Mixtape Vol 17 Liz Prince

  1. MD says:

    The music bits are fun, but I’m dying for some new interviews!

  2. guyha says:

    Awesome! I always wonder what my favorite authors and comix writers listen to – and Liz Prince totally rocks.

    Thanks for that one!


  3. kebabs says:

    this mix is amazing. i havent heard grey area since the 9th grade. i am so happy.

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