Inkstuds Mixtape Vol 23 Marc Bell


I have compiled an assortment of (mostly) Canadian home recordings for your enjoyment. If you listen closely, you might notice that some of these “low-fi” musicians are also cartoonists. Some are not. Many do other things besides cartooning and/or music making. One is a defense lawyer. Another is a librarian. At least one of them is involved in the carpentry trade and there is a shopkeeper and a “seasonal” worker in the mix. There is one in particular I know nothing about other than the fact that he seems to enjoy watching television.

Thanks to Kip Jackson for lending me some of his archives. A few of the artists I could not reach and so I hope they don’t mind being part of this informal collection.

Marc Bell, July 2010

1. #08 – Terry Piercey
2. #22 – Terry Piercey
3. #01 – Terry Piercey
4. #20 – Terry piercey
5. Superworm – Mouth Harp Ensemble
6. Tastebud – Untanned Hide of a Young Cow
7. Bonus Song for the First Week – Untanned Hide of a Young Cow
8. Backwards Seeds – Ambergris
9. Mountain Pony – Eyeball Hurt and the Medicine
10. Nurse April – Eyeball Hurt and the Medicine
11. Never to Return – Eyeball Hurt and the Medicine
12. Coconut – Drue Langlois
13. Path of Destruction – Drue Langlois
14. Ppop – Discombobulated Ventriloquist
15. German Child with Small Trout – Translucent Tubes
16. Singing Parkade – 40 winks
17. Paid In Foam – Ambergris
18. Dingbatters – Captain Haircut & DJ Sweatpants
19. I Thought you Said you had a Hot Tub and a Steamroom – G.K.A.
20. Hello-Goodbye/Interlude/Colour Of Green – Terraform
21. I saw a Universe in my Sock Drawer – Translucent Tubes
22. A Little Thunderstorm – Eyeball Hurt and the Medicine
23. Valet 10 [Jupiter did Walk on the Dragonfly’s Grave] – Eyeball Hurt and the Medicine
24. Potion – U-Play Walkman
25. Wim-Wam – U-Play Walkman
26. In a Coma – U-Play Walkman
27. Starship Of Bone – Poseidon Council
28. Kindergarten Symphony – Mouth Harp Ensemble
29. South American Folk Song – Mouth Harp Ensemble
30. Hillside Chapel – Colin Mclaine
31. I Can’t Watch Automag (With this Fuckin’ TV) – Unknown

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