Inkstuds on the Road – Part 22 Live at SPX


Image stolen from please visit them to see their own tour report.

The first day at SPX was capped off with our panel, a live conversation with Simon Hanselmann, Patrick Kyle and Michael Deforge. The three of them were on the beginning of their month long tour across America. I am a big fan of all their works and was really happy for Brandon and I to be able to do something with them in the middle of our own tour. The panel was a bit of a trainwreck but everyone else seemed to think it was great, so maybe it was great. I was really happy to do it, and would do so again, and we do it again later in the week with Gary Panter.

This Inkstuds was sponsored by Stuff Said.

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4 Responses to Inkstuds on the Road – Part 22 Live at SPX

  1. Juan says:

    I completely lost it at the Hernandez Bros hypothetical!!! 😂😂😂

  2. This hit my comics interview g spot. I’m glad I came to this site.

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