Inkstuds on the Road – Part 7 Rebecca Sugar


Brandon and I sat down for a chat about cartoons and comics with Rebecca Sugar. Rebecca is probably best known for her creation, Steven Universe as well as her work on Adventure Time. It was really great to get a chance to talk to her and seeing how she views animation. Really interesting deep thoughts on the artform.



This episode was sponsored by House of ORR, Roll20, and Colonial Souls.

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3 Responses to Inkstuds on the Road – Part 7 Rebecca Sugar

  1. saffo says:

    What is the name of this opening song? I love a lot of these opening songs. do you guys have a list or something of the songs you have used in the openings?

    • Cody says:

      Hey, just in case anyone is wondering what the opening song is (btw, try out soundhound)) It’s Shannon and The Clam’s – Sleep Talk.

  2. samuel says:

    I love how jesse’s just chilling in the back

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