Scott Chantler

Scott Chantler joined the Inkstuds to help finish our month long focus on Canadian cartoonists with style. His book, Northwest Passage, is a fine look into an important point in Canadian history with a two-fisted flavor.

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  1. Sid Clark says:

    Wow! Great show!

    I’m really looking forward to getting a copy of “Northwest Passage”. I’ve been reading journals written by fur traders and explorers (and a few pirates) for 2 years.

    Canada’s awesome. I wished I’d gone up to explore it more when I was younger. I grew up just 100 or so miles from the Quebec border but my nose-to-the-grindstone family never went up, except in ’67 for Expo ’67.

    The border guards are a real pain these days, since 9/11. I tried to cross at Sault St. Marie (a prominent location in the early fur trade, although I didn’t know it at the time) and the border guards raked me over the coals. I showed them my bank statement and they finally let me pass. I only spent 5 days traveling east from Sault St. Marie to Halifax and then down through NB to Bangor, ME. I was sure glad to get back in the US. I felt like a very unwelcome person.

    • Inkstuds says:

      Thanks Sid, i have the same worries when going south! I was just talking to Scott the other day about coming on again. He was in town, but we weren’t able to connect.

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