J Bradley Johnson

J Bradley Johnson has a handfull of comics out there, but if you can hunt them down, they are great. His work can be found in great anthologies like Kramers Ergot, Snake Eyes, Hotwire Comix, and Ivan Brunetti’s first Graphic Fiction anthology.

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  2. carrie says:

    I really liked this interview. I’ll have to check out my old Kramers for his stuff.
    However, I do wish that you had turned up his audio or something. I kept having to go back and try to catch stuff I missed.

  3. Ray says:

    Two Snoot Grolo comics in particular always give me goosebumps… the one about the dog taking a sausage home to his departed mother and the one where it loses his soul from shooting doves and eating them with rock salt. Fibbek’s dilemma from Hot Wire comics is another favorite… it’s almost like an emotional exorcism.

    I always get the sense his strips are autobiographical in an impressionistic way, as if he has some deep-rooted regret he has to communicate but he can’t bring himself to acknowledge directly. Emotional starkness goes hand-in-hand with crass free-association, giving the same kind of reaction I get from Harmony Korine films.

  4. good boy says:

    JBJ is such a big deal. His stuff in Last Gasp anthology (along with David Fremont’s) really pushed me to try my hand at cartooning fer real. Fibbek’s Dilemma is, I think, one of the best comics short stories of last 5-10 years. I always hear a slow, winding, whistling, sad country song when I read his stuff.

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