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A great offshoot of the recent trend of anthologies, is the exposure to more experimental narrative art forms. Living in Vancouver, I am lucky enough to have some exposure to a great group of talented folks. Nog-A-Dod, is an excellent primer for comix people to enter into some oddly sequential art. The one drawback, is the price. At 25 bux, it can be a steep for novice interest. So instead of telling you why you should get that book, I am going to tell you about a couple of other small books that are a more affordable way of checking out something new and different.

Jason  McLean and Mark Delong,  have put together a nice little book with Nieve, called Melanie Sheepwash. As a flip book, it works great as a presentation of two very unique talents. Mark’s stuff is a great mix of Gary Panter with a sort of street like struggle. He really brings a neat complexity to the page that works on a lot of levels and gives you alot to absorb. This is the first time I have really gotten a look at his stuff, and I think any fans of the Fort Thunder crew would really find some love for Mark. Jason, I am little more familiar with his work. Looking at a painting by Jason, is like looking into the mind of creative process. His work is at one time incredible to look at, but also tells as story in itself. Filled with an array of complex imagery, you can easily loosing yourself in trying to take it all in. Every little corner of the page is packed to the with thoughts and emotions, spilling themselves onto the page. I really wish I could afford one of his originals, just to be able to look at it up close over long period of time.

The other great book that I just picked up, is Luke Ramsey’s ongoing Islands Fold project. The book I picked up, is a collaboration with Justin B. Williams. Justin is a great young talent who I predict big things from. He did a great piece for the Beasts book from Fantagraphics, and in his Islands fold book, he really shows some great progress. A Great Big Stillness has what I really love about Justin’s work. He creates these great characters, that seem filled with conflicting emotions and thoughts. Its like their is a madness that they are trying to escape. He also utilizes odd sort of mountain settings filled with great chunks of bold imagery like patchwork blanket.

Check out both these books. If you are outside of Vancouver,  I think you should be able to order  them from Sammy Harkhams shop, Family Store.

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