Julian Lawrence

Robin Konstabaris covered for me one week and took the reigns to interview vancouvers own, Julian Lawrence. Julian is Vancouvers Conrad Black of Comix. Julian is the curator of the series, Drippytown Comics and Stories, one of the greatest comix anthology. Drippytown is a great collection of Vancouver talent with a couple of out of towners thrown in, with talents ranging from Colin Upton, Robin Bougie, James Lloyd, Tony Millionare, Marc Bell and more. Its great stuff.

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  1. Sid Clark says:

    Pretty entertaining interview. Robin’s quite witty and definitely an amazing character.

    As I was listening I thought Robin was an embarrassingly effeminate young man and then I looked her up and discovered she’s actually a middle-aged woman. I thought she has an unusual amount on the ball to be a mere “callow youth”.

    Anyway, great show!

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