Jesse Jacobs

This weeks guest is London, Ontario cartoonist Jesse Jacobs. Jesse has come out with 2 great books encompassing an amazing knack of style and formalistic delights. His latest release from Koyama, By This You Shall Know Him, is working with some really interesting big ideas, and I look forward to seeing where his work progresses.

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4 Responses to Jesse Jacobs

  1. Jake says:

    What is the song that plays at the beginning?

  2. Jake says:

    And the one at the end?

  3. jesse says:

    hey Jake-
    Cold Warps “Science Fiction” &
    Fear of Lipstick “I Wanna Be Yr Werewolf”

  4. Jacobsfan#1 says:

    Hey Jesse, longtime listener first time caller….one question…are you as gentle and thorough of a lover as they say?

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