Jimmy Beaulieu

Quebecois cartoonist, Jimmy Beaulieu came on to chat with me about his collection of translated work, Suddenly Something Happened. Jimmy has a great eye for life and relationships. His comics are strong compelling. Check out his site for some great sketchbook material.

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  1. Keith Logan says:

    Jimmy is a great cartoonist! As he mentions, this book contains his breakout work, LE MORAL DES TROUPES, which is a fantastic autobio comic. Jimmy really bumped up his game with that tome. His refined both his drawing and storytelling chops. There is a lot going on there. I am so glad that an English version is available; I hope Jimmy reaches an even broader audience with this. I just ordered this cuz I’m a such a big fan!

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  3. I discovered Jimmy’s work on a trip to Montreal in 2004 and I’ve been hooked ever since. SUCH great and beautiful work…I’d love to see his stuff find a larger audience in the USA., cause I think folks would really dig it!

  4. Tina Coleman says:

    I’m in the States and I agree, I’d love to see Jimmy’s stuff get a higher profile here. One of the things that strikes me about his work is that he does such a fabulous job of giving a sense of place and heart with a sort of understated practicality.

    I’d actually really love to see more Quebec comics get brought over in general. I suppose it’s happening, but I’d love to see more concentration and study. I just wrapped up working at the Chicago C2E2 con and would have loved a panel on Canadian or Quebec comics. It’s a different aesthetic and approach and both have their own voice that’s pretty different from American comics (even indie). There is certainly a lot of dialog to have in the differences.

    Who do I have to bug at Conundrum or Drawn & Quarterly to get them to put panels together for the American shows? What can fans here in the States do to further the idea? I review for Booklist magazine and I try to bring stuff to my editors at every opportunity. (i.e when I can get my hands on stuff). I feel like there’s more I could be doing, though, both from a fan stand-point and from a “library world” aspect.

  5. carrie says:

    I just listened to this and loved it. The description of balcony culture in Montreal was really interesting, as well as the feeling of exporting Quebecois culture:
    “They all think we are lumberjacks that live in teepees…”
    I want to see Beaulieu’s work everywhere. Also, it’s ok to export in French to the USA! It’s better to have to use a dictionary than to never see stuff.

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