Kevin Eastman

Ninja Turtles co-creator and Heavy Metal bigwig joined me to discuss a range of different comics topics. He has recently returned to drawing the green guys that made him famous and is celebrating the 35th anniversary of Heavy Metal publishing in the North American market. I was a huge Ninja Turtle fan as a kid and lately, I have been reading a lot of Heavy Metal editions of translated European work. I thank anyone that is able to publish Druillet in the North American market!

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4 Responses to Kevin Eastman

  1. Jay W. says:

    Any idea if this is a one-shot thing or might this be a return to the glory days of HEAVY METAL, printing foreign comics that we can’t get in the USA and soliciting new stories from other creators? I would love to read this magazine again, but the t & a content of recent years just leaves me cold.

  2. AdamL says:

    Hi this was a great interview. What’s the name of the song that plays at the start of the podcast I love it but am having a tough time googling it.


  3. chris says:

    Excellent interview! Love Heavy Metal despite… the dip in quality of stories. Good art, though. Was a little shocked by his support for Avengers, but whatever.

  4. michael says:

    great interview.i love the b&w turtles comic and heavy metal, i use to steal HV from my older brother and hide them like porn.Moebius and Giminez broke my fragile mind.i still picture kevin from his 1989 prisoners of gravity spots.cannot believe hes 50.we are getting a the program keep ’em coming.

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