Bruce Grenville and Krazy at the Vancouver Art Gallery

This has got to be one of the most exciting things the Vancouver comics scene has seen in quite some time. Opening this weekend at the Vancouver Art Gallery, is the Krazy Exhibition. For those that don’t know, the Vancouver Art Gallery is a very prestigous space and a show of this magnitude is a big deal. The focus of the Krazy show is on the art of Comics, Graphic Novels, Manga, Anime, Cartoons, Video Games and Visual Art. It is an odd assortment of pop culture enitites, but some how, curator Bruce Grenville, has managed to pull together a stellar looking show. The show will include work by –

Graphic Novels and Comics folk – Milt Gross, Art Spiegelman, Phillip Guston, Kim Deitch, Dan Clowes, Chester Brown, Alison Bechdel, Shaun Tan, George Herriman, Harvey Kurtzman, Jerry Moriarty, Justin Green, Lynda Barry, Kevin Huizenga, Seth and Chris Ware.

Manga – Hisashi Eguchi, Mamoru Nagano, Taiyou Matsumoto, akashi Okazaki, Junko Mizuno, Moyoco Anno, Yuichi Yokayama, and Hitoshi Odajima.

Anime – Katsuhiro Otomo, Mamoru Oshii, Itano Ichiro, Masaaki Yuasa, Makoto Shinkai, Kon Satoshi, and Yoko Kanno.

Cartoons – Winsor McCay, Lotte Reiniger, Ben Sharpsteen, Robert Cannon, Marv Newland, Nick Park, John Lasseter and Tim Johnson and Karey Kirkpatrick.

Video Games – Iwatani Toru, Shigeru Miyamoto, Sid Meier, id Software, Shigeru Miyamoto, Rock Star Games and Will Wright.

In the Visual Art section – Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, Marcel Broodthaers, Raymond Pettibon, Pierre Huyghe, Philippe Parenno, et al, Cao Fei, Chiho Aoshima, Mr. and Christian Marclay.

Keep an eye for events throughout the summer to do with the Krazy show, including Fuse, Krazy Talk(including an Art Spiegelman lecture on May 15), a small press comic convention in the Gallery and much much more. Oh yeah, I am doing an Animation Event with Kim Deitch at the end of the summer there as well.

As a bonus for this weeks show, I featured music by comix folk, including tracks by Robert Crumb, Gary Panter and Fox Hollow(featuring a whole bunch of Fantagraphics folks).

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