Mark Kalesniko

I felt very fortunate to do an interview with Mark Kalesniko. He is the brilliant creator of Alex, Mail Order Bride, Why Did Pete Duel Kill Himself and S.O.S. (but I have yet to track down a copy of the later). In the process of getting ready for the interview, I tried to track down some information on him online, like past interview and stuff like that, and found nothing. So going into the interview, Kalesniko was a bit of an enigma. All that I knew was that all of his comix take place in Trail (a small town in the interior of BC), and that he worked for Disney at one point. In the process of the interview, Colin and I were delighted with Mark. He is a very interesting and insightful creator. Both Mail Order Bride and Alex are ground breaking books. I made a comparison of Bukowski’s work being similar in some aspects, and I stick by that, his stuff has a really strong feeling complex emotion and character development, not often found in the world of flashy comix. Oh yeah, his art is awesome also.

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