Marcelino Truong

I got the chance to sit down with cartoonist Marcelino Truong while he was in Vancouver at VanCAF to promote his latest book, Such a Lovely Little War. It’s a memoir of his childhood living in Vietnam during the escalation of activities in the early stages of the American intervention into the conflict there in. He brings a unique perspective with his experiences. It’s a part of an interesting wave of memoir work by a variety of cartoonists looking back at this time. They all play a particular role in telling their own stories and providing different view points into one of the major defining conflicts in the second half of the twentieth century.

His next book, following up and continuing his story as he travels to Europe and especially England, Saigon Calling, will be out in September, also from Vancouver publisher, Arsenal Pulp Press.

The battery on my digital recorder died 5 minutes into the recording of this interview, so Marcelino was kind enough to be able to record on his phone, so apologies for inconsistent quality.

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