Michael Deforge

The last time that I had Michael Deforge on, he had a handful of comics and was just another talented young guy at TCAF. Since then, his work has grown and progressed, reflecting his status as a highly talented and widely respected creator in the medium. His latest work is issue 4 of Lose, co-editing and appearing in the excellent anthology series, The Thickness, as well as pile of mini-comics and anthologies deeper than I can list and lastly, his Ant Colony strip that will be published by Drawn and Quarterly.


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  1. John Rogstad says:

    A lot of people have raved about the first story in Lose #4, which I really liked, but I think the stand-out is the anthropology of the Canadian Royalty. The idea of these characters as fragile, sexless salamanders encased in mantles of absurd finery is such a hilarious and poetic way to think about the idolized. And the narration is dead on.

    Such a funny story.

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