Paul Pope and Dash Shaw In Conversation

One of the things I was most excited about for TCAF, was my spotlight panel with Dash Shaw and Paul Pope. They are two modern creators, creating very modern work.

Here is the official description of the panel – “TCAF Featured Guests Paul Pope and Dash Shaw are two of the most exciting creators in comics, mixing their influences and innovations to create groundbreaking work. Now Inkstuds Radio/Podcast host Robin McConnell will moderate a conversation between these two creators about the role that influences play in creating comics, ranging from traditional comics to film and music and from classical to contemporary works. This also includes a discussion of education, some key points in creating your own vision in comics, and an examination of how to make influences work and finding out where they lead you.”

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  2. LOOKA says:

    Sorry, but that was necessary.

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  4. Looka says:

    THIS panel recording! I guess I waited around 200 years to hear PP break it out in a more elaborate fashion. And then it comes wrapped in a package with DASH SHAW! Pretty sweet. THANKS for that Robin!

  5. CLC says:

    Awesome! Great call to pair these guys together, I have listened to this already several times. Spectacular job, Robin, thanks for choreographing a little PP vs. DS action.

  6. anonymous says:

    sounds like you used an iriver ihp120 to record this…i heard the telltale hard drive spinup every once in a while… 😉

  7. long time listener says:

    Thanks for recording this and posting it.

    What’s the song list for this episode?

    I’d like to see the song lists as a regular part of every episode’s description.

  8. mike shea says:

    do you think Nathan Fox is the person who did the billboard that Paul mentions? the “artist who will remain nameless”. i like Nathan Fox’s work but it definitely looks heavily influenced by Paul’s work.

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