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8 years is a good run for radio. Back in November of 2005, I had no idea what i was going to do with Inkstuds. I had started the show after the previous comics show on CiTR, Onomatopoeia had relocated to Montreal and there was space for a new comics shows. I put together a sloppy demo of Colin Upton and I talking an issue of World War 3 Illustrated. No one will ever hear that. I was able to somehow book an interview with Seth before my first show had even aired. I am still very appreciative to Peggy at Drawn and Quarterly for that opportunity. I am proud of that interview, although you can still hear how much I still had to learn, it’s proudly placed as the first interview in the Inkstuds book that Conundrum published 3 years.
Doing a weekly radioshow is a lot of work. When I started the show, i was a student and able to go to the station every week. after a very awkward start of not knowing what i was doing, interviews seemed to work well. Almost every week, i would go into the station and interview a different cartoonist. Since starting the show, it is a handful of interviews shy of 500 interview. I expect to hit that mark before the end of the year. After finishing my BA at University of British Columbia. I started doing the show from home and sending in the interview for them to play. Even from home, having to have a new interview each week is a lot of work. I try and read everything a cartoonist has done before interviewing. Hopefully my research shows in the questions that I ask.

It’s pretty great to think of all the guests that I have had in the studio. Like Chester Brown or Scott McCloud. When Michael Deforge was in town on a personal visit, Brandon Graham and I dragged him to the station and Frank Santoro joined us over the phone while James Stokoe avoided the radio and sat in the next room drawing his giant galactus piece listening to us talk.

At this point, I am stepping back just a little. I will no longer be producing radio for CiTR.

Very little may change with the amount of inkstuds that comes out, but i want the opportunity to step back if I need to, as well as get longer and indepth when the opportunity arises. There are interviews that I have cut short, just to fit for my hour slot, but really should of gone on for longer.

I have some amazing interviews lined up and hope to continue producing audio that folks are enjoying, I just won’t be doing it for radio broadcast. Some have presumed that I work for CiTR. that is not the case. I am a volunteer programmer that get’s paid nothing for producing a show. I also do not advertise. Inkstuds is purely a project of pleasure and this is the direction I am taking it in.

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