Rebecca Dart

Rebecca Dart, creator of Rabbithead, one of the most original comix I have ever read, took the time out of our busy schedule to sit down with a chat with the Inkstuds. Rebecca was one of our most interesting informative guests. Her comix have a sense of creator and infused intelligence that is only matched by Chris Ware. Please ignore the terrible music on the show, it’s all done in irony.

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  1. Zack Blackstone says:

    I Love Kamandi. I dug Rebecca’s describing it as, ” Planet of the apes times ten. ” Yeah! I hadn’t thought of Kamandi as a possible movie franchise, but I’m seeing it now! End of the world movies are making the big bucks, and tell me what kid wouldn’t love to see a movie where a Tarzan-like boy has adventures in a world overrun with anthropomorphic animals! How can it miss? I’d even put up with computer animation to see a Kamandi movie. I wanna see the gangster apes of old Chicago mowing each other down with tommy guns! Hop to it, Hollywood! Last! Boy! On! Earth! Starring Bruce Willis as ‘ The Boy ‘…

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