It’s been quite a month for me with Inkstuds. I posted my 500th inkstuds episode, which is pretty impressive marker to hit for a podcast. I have been doing inkstuds 8 and a half years and it’s been a blast. My ability to get shows done, goes up and down. Sometimes my energy  lags and I just want to take a break, and sometimes I want to do 5 interviews in a week.

When David Brothers and I talked about him doing some content for the studs, I was happy to have him in any capacity possible. He’s a smart thinker on comics and puts an amazing amount of work into what he does. I wish I had a fraction of the gusto that he does. David and I also have very different taste in comics. While I am excited when anything Chris Ware appears, David is more entranced by a massive manga about basketball. That’s what makes having David provide a month of Inkstuds so special. He asks different questions, talks to different people and of course, is a different person. Only David could bring together Inkstuds and Comics Alliance, two very different comics journalism outlets. Please take the time to read David’s thoughts on taking part and of course, listen to the podcasts.

The last thing to make this month exciting, is the kickstarter I have launched with Brandon Graham. The idea came up when Brandon and I were shooting the shit and Brandon brought up us going to a city and doing a ton of interviews. I like doing interviews with Brandon, as a working and active cartoonist, he brings a perspective that I never will to the interviews. He thinks about comics in a really interesting way, as a creative process. So after a whole bunch of a back and forth, we decided to launch the kickstarter to go to Los Angeles.

LA has an amazing comic scene right now. From guys like Jordan Crane and Mike Mignola to the unlimited pool of stellar folks at Cartoon Network, it seems like you could toss a loonie in any direction and hit someone fantastic.  While in LA, we will be hosting a a live Inkstuds recording with a bunch of special guests at Meltdown comics. So far, we have Jaime Hernandez and Bryan Lee O’malley announced as guests. We launched the campaign on Monday morning and then hit our goal by Tuesday afternoon!

Since we still have over 3 weeks to go in the campaign, we have created a strech goal to go to New York city. Our goal for that is $7500. I am really appreciative for all the support we have experienced so far, and can’t wait to do awesome stuff for the rewards!

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