Roll Out


a taste of what’s coming with us.

Thursday morning, Brandon Graham and I start the first leg of our international roadtrip of comics interviews. Thanks to everyone’s amazing support on the kickstarter, Brandon and I are going to be able to go LA, New York and the UK. Our trip to LA will include a signing with Brandon and our road buddy Simon Roy at Mission comics in San Francisco on Saturday April 19th. I am looking forward to going there. I was there before and bought some great Yam books and local minis. They do a lot of amazing art shows by people I really like.

On Thursday April 24th, we will be at Meltdown comics for live show with Brandon, Jaime Hernandez, Bryan Lee O’Malley, Tom Herpich and Pendelton Ward. What an amazing group to be with. Tickets are sold out for the event but we will have standby tickets at the door. After the talk, Brandon will be signing with Jaime and Simon Roy. I have heard a rumor that the talk may be live broadcasted. So yeah, that would be awesome. I have had a really great time working with Meltdown.

The kickstarter money has allowed us to be able to buy a really nice digital recorder for doing our interviews. We have 10 scheduled on this leg and plans for somehow including a Portland leg over the summer.


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