Steve Bissette Part 2


Here is the conclusion of my interview with Steve Bissette. Our conversation covers a wide range of comics topics. Thanks to Steve for taking the time to chat with me. Follow Steve’s blog for more on some of the topics we discuss and his own work.

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4 Responses to Steve Bissette Part 2

  1. Brad Hodges says:

    You can’t say the cee-word?! Can you at least say cunny?

  2. Demophon says:

    Great set. Sounds like Mr. Bissette is an indie pioneer. It was really interesting hearing his take on the end of the underground movement. The end music on this is amazing. Oh, Mr. Zappa & the mothers of invention.

  3. David Shortell says:

    What was the opening music? The theme from an Italian western, I’d wager.

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