TCAF Panel – Paul Pope, Brandon Graham and Sam Hiti In Conversation

One of the panels I moderated at TCAF, was a conversation between Paul Pope, Brandon Graham and Sam Hiti. I really like to pair up artists with contemporaries that are doing like minded work, that is still very different in a lot of ways. Last year, I had Paul on with Dash Shaw, and it was a really great talk. This year, we went in a completely different direction than last year. For the second half of the panel, I posted images and asked for comments on the images from the participants.Those images are posted below, after Hiti’s storytelling tree concept.

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5 Responses to TCAF Panel – Paul Pope, Brandon Graham and Sam Hiti In Conversation

  1. adam says:

    I really enjoyed this, thank you.

  2. Graham says:

    Woahhhh thanks for posting this. I was going to go to it at TCAF but had to leave by the time it started.

  3. Great discussion. Opening up for reactions to Cerebus was an interesting and unexpected touch. The Woman Trap is definitely going on my summer reading list. Thanks!

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  5. M Kitchen says:

    Regarding Dave Sim; he’s always been an absolute gentleman everytime I met him. In fact, the second time I met him was while he was talking with Paul Pope at a Toronto convention near the airport back in the 90’s. This year Dave gave me some invaluable advice for my newest comic (Spy Guy #2) and even sent flowers when my son was born two weeks ago. He even did a live comic reading with my kids over Christmas (which is apparently going to be airing on in the near future). I can’t say enough nice things about the guy.

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