Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Christopher Butcher and Peter Birkemoe are organizing the very exciting Toronto Comic Art Festival aka TCAF. I really appreciate the different take that they have on the standard convention platform and are instead puting together, for lack of a better term, a kind of celebration of comics. The festival takes place on May 9 and 10 at the Toronto Reference Library with a slew of other events happening before and after the weekend.

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  2. Rich Dannys says:

    Just thought I’d mention.. At the 40-minute mark, Chris Butcher suggests that John K. & crew were animating episodes of “The RIPPING FRIENDS” cartoon. That series had already wrapped up, by then. But a small Spümco crew did come down from Ottawa. And were busy doing Layout and Post-production on their “The NEW Ren & Stimpy Show”, that aired originally on the SPIKE TV channel..

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