Who are you?

Hey Inkstudents. Tell me about yourself. I work in a Vacuum and would like to know who listens to the show. And tell you me what comic you have really enjoyed lately.

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  1. I am a comic artist who is always striving to make better comics. I enjoy listening to interviews with other comics artists as I can relate with their struggles to get the ink on the paper in a way that works.
    Keep up the good work 😉

  2. I’m a cartoonist who lives in sweltering Austin Texas. I just went to MoCCA and I can’t wait to read MULTIFORCE by Brinkman. I’ve really been digging the Sundays Anthology blog lately (http://sundaysanthology.com/).

  3. PB KAIN says:

    I was one of the exhibitors at SPACE. I got to see some of Carol’s originals from You’ll Never Know. Very neat, thanks for having her on. Robin, you need to get John Hankiewicz on this show as soon as possible.

  4. Peter Lasell says:

    Love the fact that someone, that YOU, are getting interviews with so many of these artists. I’m a longtime comics fan and artist living in Brooklyn, designer by trade. I can draw but a narrative leaves my head spinning, always admire those who can really do it.
    My recent favs (some new, some Im re-reading) are:
    Yoshiro Tatsumi “A Drifting Life”
    HellBlazer “Dangerous Habits”
    Star Wars “Vader’s Quest” (drawn by Dave Gibbons!)
    Tove Jansson “Moomin: The Complete Strip” reissues
    CF “Powr Mastrs 1&2”
    Phoebe Gloeckner “Diary of a Teenage Girl” <–interview her pls!
    Yuichi Yokoyama “Travel” & “Garden”
    Suehiro Mauro “Ultra-Gash Inferno”
    Mike Mignola “B.R.P.D.”
    Bilal “Gods in Chaos”
    John Byrne/Chris Claremont “Dark Phoenix Saga” reissue
    Essential She-Hulk

  5. Colleen says:

    Hi Robin,

    I’m an animation grad student from Michigan studying in Singapore (a weird but suitable combo I guess). It gets a little isolating here too, and I’ve become nocturnal these days. I listen to your show at night while I draw, paint and do comics, and I’ve just been commissioned by a Singaporean company to create a webcomic for them, should be interesting.

    As far as what comics I’ve enjoyed…I tend to like artists who also make comics, I am looking forward to James Stokoe’s Wonton Soup 2, salivating for it’s release over here. I also enjoy reading the little zines the indie store owners make locally here.

    Other Singaporean talent is FSC (Foo Swee Chin) who did artwork for Nightmares and Fairytales (http://fscwasteland.net/ – I love how she devotes an entire section of her site to pictures of her cats) and Ken Foo, who makes super emo-manly … poop related stuff (http://www.kenfoo.com/) but it’s really his little manga/south park 4-komas that are fucking gold (http://www.kenfoo.com/cuts.htm). And of course there’s Sonny Liew (http://sonnyliew.wordpress.com/)

    Keep doing what you do man – I love it,
    – Colleen

  6. Tim Clary says:

    Hey Robin,

    I’m a lifelong avid comics-reader whose tastes skew more to the alternative/art-comics end of things. Living in Rochester, NY right now as I contemplate my next move. I’m really trying to get back to some serious art-making, I’d like to try my hand at comics but can never commit to it. I did get involved in a collaborative comics-thing recently. Check out our blog if you like (although we’ve just started). Or take a look at some of my other recent efforts at my infrequently updated blog or my Flickr page (mostly figure drawings).

    As for comics I’m currently reading I picked up a few cool books at TCAF a few weeks back including Tomine’s “Optic Nerve” Boxed set and Seth’s “George Sprott”. Also discovered some great minis like “Eyes Move Rapid” there. Also, just finished Tatsumi’s “A Drifting Life” and loved it. I’m really looking forward to Mazzuchelli’s “Asterios Polyp” since I’ve been amazed by the few short works of his I’ve seen. What else…reread a couple of Jason’s books last night…his “You Can’t Get There From Here” about a love-triangle between, Frankenstein, his Bride and the Mad Scientist who created them is great fun. There’s always something to be pulled off the shelf!

    Thanks so much for your dedication to the show. Keep Up the great work!


  7. Looka says:

    You know me, I’m the guy who met MOEBIUS. Hjuk Hjuk.

    Sundays Ant
    Dharbin’s Dharbin
    Helen Jo
    Laura Park
    Gerry and Olga by ChuckMcBuck
    Trubble Club action
    Cold heat Specials
    Steve Reeders “Cheeta’s never win”
    Jim Rugg

    European Ant’s:
    UNKRAUT Comics
    TONTO Comics


    Back to America:
    Would love to read the ISR’s A2: AWESOMER but that will be a while.
    Wanna also read Mourning Star 2 (Carrie, don’t hit me!) And the recent Papercutters. -STOP-
    Looking forward to Sam Hiti’s new stuff and Paul Popes Battlin’ Boy. -STOP-
    Also: Smoke Signal.

    • inkstuds says:

      Hey Mark, I can’t wait to check out that book. Now for my local store to get it.

      Kain – I know I need to talk to John. His stuff is amazing.

      Peter – She Hulk??????

      Colleen – I have seen some amazing Stokoe stuff that has yet to see print. I have heard from a good sources that Wonton soup 2 will be killer.

      Tim – all that stuff looks great. Damn, there are tooooo many comics to read. I just don’t have time for them all.

      Looka – Who is this Paul Pope guy you mention.

  8. Looka says:

    Yes, yes – love the show and the descriptive drawing by BERGIN – total awesome!

    And Picturebox in general.

  9. jakub T says:

    I am a graphic design student who makes odd comics, most of them online. Your show is always entertaining and your selection of guests is greats (genesis p. orridge, brandon graham)

    I recently read Travel by Yuichi Yokoyama. I cant recall ever getting so involved in the little details of a comic. It was an experience.

  10. Donal DeLay says:

    I’m Donal. I draw bio-comics about dead historical figures so I don’t have to learn how to write and develope characters. Also, I married a writer so I wouldn’t have to learn to write.

    I’m currently working on 2 mini-comics and one 300+pg OGN.

    My first mini-comic will be coming out later this year, called BOSTON STRONGBOY – about John L. Sullivan, the first heavyweight boxing champion of the world.

    The other will be a 48pg mini-comic about Robert Johnson, Delta Blues legend.

    The last couple of books I read were ancient Joe by scott Morse, and White Cat vol. 1 by Ben Rosen. Both really fun books.

  11. I’m a hip-hop blogger/music writer who does a comics blog with some friends on the side. I’m coming to your site tonight because I’m about to drive back to Baltimore from Raleigh, North Carolina and want to load my iPod up on old interviews I didn’t hear before I discovered the show 6 or so months ago, to keep my entertained during the 6 hours ride.

    Recent WINNING Comics: Lockjaw & Pet Avengers, Jan’s Atomic Heart, Black Jack, Batman in Barcelona, Some Crepax Porno Thingy about TV, Azuma’s Disappearance Diary, Skin by Peter Milligan. Love the show!

  12. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Hey Robin,
    I’m a library technician in Melbourne Australia who loves listening to your show while I’m chained to the computer.
    Recent purchases are,

    What it Is Lynda Barry
    Fletcher Hanks
    Beer Island
    Painting with Fire Frank Frazetta DVD
    Kirby Mark Evanier
    Art of Harvey Kurtzman
    Hoover by Rick Geary
    Supermen!: The First Wave of Comic-book Heroes (1939-1941).

    Thanks for the show.

  13. Sam Gaskin says:

    Howdy – I’m Sam, I live in Massachusetts, sent you a bunch of stuff a while ago, probably to the wrong address because that’s how I roll…

    I’ve been really psyched on Minty Lewis’ “P.S. Comics”, Damien Jay’s “the Natural World”, anything by Blaise Larmee, and the Finnish anthology “Glömp X”.

    • inkstuds says:

      Hey Sam G, i did get your stuff, i really need to read it. I have all sorts of daunting stacks. I was looking at Minty’s book at a local store the other day. looks good.

  14. Sam says:

    I read the big three Shonen manga every week and they’re pretty awesome. “Cat Eyed Boy” vol 1 was pretty awesome too. Cold Heart 5+6, also awesome. Oh, also, I read some ‘Swamp Monster” comic by Basil Wolverton on the internet lately and that was pretty awesome too. I got to read a tiny bit of “Asterios Polyp” and did not like it that much though.

  15. Sam says:

    oh, and that Chip Kidd Batman book was good.

  16. Hey guys! I listen in every chance I get. I create and self publish my comic books here in the Philippines (and work for the big boys as an inker once in a while). I love the interviews. It gives me an insight on the working mind of the creators of books I loved reading.

    I’ve also been advertising my comic book Elmer at your site. I also sent you copies of it, fingers crossed, a while back.

  17. M.Emery says:

    Hey I’m Matt, a New Zealander living in Melbourne , Australia. When I need to lift my spirits I throw on the Joe Matt interview or the Victor Cayro one, would love to hear/read more from either of these guys.

    lately I’ve liked

    Uptight – Jordan Crane
    Young Liars – David Lapham
    The Unwritten – Mike Carey & Peter Gross
    A few volumes of New Yorker cartoon collections
    A pile of Frank Hampson Dan Dare reprints
    Torpedo 1936 – picked up 5 volumes of the Catalan translations, fantastic stuff!

  18. Daniel says:

    Hi there,

    I’m a artist/teacher from Brighton, UK. I love your show and listen to it in the studio on the days when I’m not teaching.

    Recently I’ve been really enjoying reading Amanda Vähämäki stuff from D&Q and Matthew Thurber’s 0800 Mice.

    Thanks and keep up the good work my man.

  19. carrie says:

    The real question is do you really wear such classy sports coats on air?

    • inkstuds says:

      I am sorry Carrie, but I don’t. I also don’t really have a beak. It’s something I deal with every day.

  20. Uncle Phil says:


    I’m a character designer at Cartoon Network. I recently enjoyed “Haunted” by Phillipe Dupuy and Rebecca Sugar’s new version of (a href=”http://www.sugarboukas.com/PUG/wPD104″>”MindF*ck”.

  21. I’m a bored humorist who does a webcomic and loves listening to comic-related podcasts (this show and The Comic Book Haters, basically) and Howard Stern. When not sleeping, I post stuff on Benji Bronk’s blog and avoid drawing.

    If you hate my webcomics (most people do) yet want to take pity on me (which most people also do), please vote for my entry in the New Yorker Caption Contest, starting this coming Monday (the 22nd).


    I’m…also a whore.

  22. Joe Willy says:

    Hi, Robin. I’m the tool you blasted the show early on in the TCJ message board whining about how you guys played music or something. I’ve come to love the show and regret coming across like a typical TCJ board poster (that was probably the one time I said something negative). Anyway, I live in SW Michigan and think about drawing comics I never get around to doing. I self-published on effort a couple of years ago and keep meaning to get back on the horse. Your show gets me closer to trying again so thanks and sorry again for being a douche.

    I just read the latest volume of Criminal which I really enjoyed. I also read an issue of Kamandi I bought for $1- the cover promised something which didn’t even happen in the book but gets carried over to the next issue (imagine if comics pulled that stuff now with all the forums, podcasts, Twitter, etc.?). I also got David Lapham’s Silverfish which I enjoyed though maybe buying it at 40% off helped- not sure I’d have liked it as much at full price since it was a pretty basic thriller movie in comic form. I did manage to buy Jan’s Atomic Heart (I was amazed since my local shops don’t seem to take chances on indy books very often) which I loved until the ending which seemed a little… I don’t know but it seemed to kind of deflate everything that had been built up- I did LOVE the art thoug and can’t wait for more of his stuff (I also hate that he’s like 10 years or more younger than me).

    Thanks for all the great listening and laughs,
    Joe Williams

  23. Evan Dahm says:

    Hello my name is Evan, I draw big fantasy adventure comics and I love your show! I’ve been listening to it while drawing lately. Keep up the good work, folks.

  24. Randall Drew says:

    Hey oh, I’m one of many fresh faced, sparkly eyed, tail wagging comicers attending the Center for Cartoon Studies in WRJ, VT. I hail from upstate NY and have a BFA in Illustration. While still very new to the idea of making my own comics, and reading things other than manga (my high-school diet) I love listening to your show for both inspiration to create and expand my access and understanding of so many great comics!

    • inkstuds says:

      Hey Randall, you talented kids at the CCS make me sick. you are making too many good comics for me to keep up with.

      Evan – Thanks for listening. I am pretty bad at acknowledging fantasy stuff.

      Joe Willy – I just wrote it off for TCJ douchyness and promptly forgot about it. if I used that forum to gauge how to do the ‘studs, it would be an hour of me complaining about Robert Crumb and Chris Ware being overrated and then get in an argument with Danny Hellman or Ian Harker. And Def do not think that they are over rated. But Danny Hellman CAN suck an ass.

  25. Alex Fukui says:

    Hi, I’m Alex Fukui. I’m a junior studying Comic Art at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and I’m working towards being a cartoonist of some authorial bent. Just started listening, loved the Comics as Media interviews.

    Recent comics. Skim by Jillian Tamaki was the last thing I’ve read, and before that it was American Born Chinese (I’m on a big Asian-American comics kick for some reason). I’ve also been obsessively watching the documentary on Henry Darger (In the Realms of the Unreal) over and over again.

  26. David says:

    I’m lousy good for nuttin ‘fine’ artist, community arts worker and part time toilet cleaner.

    The best things I got fairly recently are hands down the Fletcher Hanks ‘I shall destroy..” and the Wolverton Bible.

    I’m liking the Hotwire compendiums and anything that has any rick altergott stuff. where is Rick Altergott??!!

    Why oh why is he not having more fame and success.

  27. Dane says:

    I’m Dane. I make comics. Lately I can’t stop looking at that “Gary Panter” book from Picturebox, Weirdo Magazine, Hellen Jo’s comics, Powr Masters, old, bad Disney comics, old Yummy Fur comics, Little Orphan Annie, Chris Wright’s comics, Multiforce, Wormdye, and B. Kosar’s LUSTY TALES. I like your show.

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