Brendan McCarthy

dream gang

I had been a fan of Brendan McCarthy’s work for quite a long time. Back when I was a teenager working in a comic store in the mid 90s, seeing the Shade covers he was doing were a revelation of this other weird world in comics that we weren’t seeing in my suburban-Canadian-West Coast comic store. I had followed his work as it appeared across my hands, in his own DC Solo book and the eventual massive  Milligan/McCarthy Collection from Dark Horse, featuring a wide range of their weirdo collaboration comics (all the while not knowing that he had spent several years living in Vancouver working on the ReBoot cartoon). He has since been a key hand in the design and look of the latest Mad Max movie, Fury Road. Most recently is the Dream Gang graphic novel, collecting work that originally appeared in Dark Horse Presents. Brendan has a lot to say about comics, life and a variety of wide topics.

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