Juanjo Guarnido


Blacksad artist, Juanjo Guarnido joined me to chat about his painted comic work and animation. We also chatted about his current project, a Kickstarter to make an animated music video for Swedish metal band, Freak Kitchen.

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  2. Allan Lorde says:

    This interview is literally one second long on iTunes. Weird.

  3. osoha says:

    this is also great, thanks.

    it’s really funny how often artists are in fact more inclined to drawing or to painting. to black and white or to color. I’m always super frustrated, when I can see how my colors just don’t work at all, but can’t wrap my head around them. It just doesn’t come natural to me. It’s only when I read or listen to an interview like this when I calm down a bit, thinking: “It’s okay. Lots of really awesome artists have the same problem like me. It’s a common situation.” I still feel that I should at least learn and effectively use color theory though…

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