Tillie Walden interviewed by Sean Ford


Tillie is a cartoonist from Austin, Texas who has released three books over the past two years from the UK publisher Avery Hill. The first was THE END OF SUMMER, a gorgeous story of a family who is about to lock themselves into a giant, maze-like mansion at the beginning of a three-year winter. I would’ve been curious to talk to her based on that dream-like family epic alone, but then she released two follow-up books in short order. I LOVE THIS PART, a short, gutwrenching story of two friends in high school who find and lose love that feels like you are reading the comics version of a whistful pop song. For this year’s TCAF, Walden released A CITY INSIDE, a dreamy comic that manages to feel loose and airy, while displaying her trademark laser-guided drawing chops and almost feels like a guided meditation through the artist’s mind. We also talk about her upcoming book for First Second, tentatively entitled SPINNING, a 400pp memoir of her experience as a competitive figure skater through grade and high school.

She also recently started a Patreon where she does intricate and beautiful, dream-like daily diary comics, which you should absolutely check out. She also has a new webcomic starting soon, which you can check out here – http://www.onasunbeam.com/

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