Tim Hensley Interviewed By Roman Muradov


Tim Hensley is among the many great living underappreciated cartoonists. His work is impeccably crafted, witty, inventive, it feels at once frozen and alive, questioning constantly the language, the medium, the relationship between drawings and words. There’s no one like him.

Dan Clowes described Wally Gropius as “a work of unassuming genius that rewards on ever-deepening levels on each re-reading” and this quote applies just as well to Tim’s two other books, Ticket Stub and, most recently, Sir Alfred Number 3, a comic-strip biography of Alfred Hitchcock that is unlike anything you may expect from the phrase “comic-strip biography.”

Read these comics with care and patience that they deserve. We could end it at that–the books speak for themselves, but I did talk to Tim for quite a while about writing, high and low culture, literary influences, found texts, punchlines and weather, so go and press the play button below. Bye.

– inkstuds note, this interview was conducted by another fantastic cartoonist, Roman Muradov.

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3 Responses to Tim Hensley Interviewed By Roman Muradov

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed Roman Muradov’s interview with Tim Hensley. Muradov is by turns incisive and hilarious as he tiptoes and cartwheels through the obstacle course of questions he assiduously constructs for the slightly bemused Tim Hensley. Hensley is game though and responds generously, while allowing Muradov to examine and exult over Hensley’s lapidary comics. Lots of pithy insights and revelations regarding the inspiration, working methods, and works of both creators.

  2. Ant Volley says:

    Mr. Hensley, I really hope you see this, man, I love our comics more than most anything available at the moment….sorry to name-drop (my FB account got botted, or rather my e-mail did, so no longer have a FB account) but my FB friend (the incomparable, amazing Walt Holcolmbe) passed a coupla messages to you from me…Your work (like Walt’s) speaks deeply to me and both of you have no equivalent in the history of the medium. Man, this is a hagiography but only a moron would criticise your work. I go back to Duplex Planet work(funnily enough I never realised the Victor Banana connection at the time of “Velvet Glove…”), to your Comic Art Magazine stuff, to Wally Gropius in MOME, then to that absolutely beautiful collection of the aforementioned, to Ticket Stub and finally (two copies of–long story, I’m in the UK and was stricken with paranoia that I was not going to be able to acquire a copy of this superlative work) Sir Alfred #3…fantastic, one of my favourite bodies of work ever. Mr. Hensley you are (sorry for the cliche) a true original.

    I hope one day I can get you to sign my copy of Simpsons Treehouse of Horror (14? Or is it 13?!)…that “opening credits” strip was utterly, utterly brilliant.

    Thank you for all the incredible work (and the great interview)! Thanks to you too Mr. Muradov (and Robin, also!).

    Btw Roman, what did you think to Elijah Brubaker’s “Reich” series? I mean, with your dissin’ of biographical comics……

  3. Ant Volley says:

    I meant “your” comics, not “our”, oh gosh sooo embarrassing….

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